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    My name is Dottie Bailey and I am the owner and operator of Bailey’s Bartending. For over 10 years I have brought joy to so many of my family and friends by doing what I do best, mix drinks. My business was created out of a leap of faith on my part. I’ve had many special moments in my life occur when I wasn’t ready, but Bailey’s Bartending emerged from a woman shaped by her milestones.

    I have been married for 28 years to my childhood sweetheart. We have 3 beautiful children together and now I am able to enjoy what it’s like to be a grandmother. My family has been my driving force behind my passion for bartending. With their support and encouragement I took my drink making skills to the next level.

    I attended ABC Bartending School where I was certified to bartend and shortly after licensed as a Mixologist. I have been mixing professionally for over 9 years now.


    I am a woman that has always been full of life and laughter. I have lived my life by my favorite quote, Ernest Hemingway’s “Live Life to the Fullest”. My motto is what pushed me to take my talent one step further and establish my own business, Bailey’s Bartending.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a good drink, but it does take that exceptional person with great personality and a flair for taste to make that drink unforgettable.

    Bailey’s Bartending has well trained bartenders equipped with the talent and grace that make any event memorable.

    Allow my Mixologists to take the stress out of bartending your own event and experience the happiness that comes with cherishing your special moment.


    Born and raised in Bronx NY,

    currently residing in Atlanta GA.

    Dottie Bailey Bailey’s Bartending LLC

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